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Setting Up Your Transportation Business the Right Way

Things you should know before starting a removal company.

Things you should know before starting a removal company.

The United Kingdom is enjoying a massive boom in its man with a van services industry today. A more convenient way to move house hold furniture around is by using the man with a van services. That is why people find it easier to book these man and van services than relocating their personal effects themselves.

Typically, man and van services can be less expensive than hiring a van (Godwins Removals) on your own because of the additional cost involved like fuelling the van and paying someone to assist in loading and offloading the vehicle.

The Man and Van service has had a steady increase in demand over the last few years, this have made it a favourite industry for self assessed individuals. In order to showcase and offer the various services offered, a website comes highly recommended. This article will assist you in making such a website.

1. Find out more about your chosen Industry.

Majority of individuals confuse courier service with the man and van service that relocate entire building and office content including furniture. On the other hand, courier only offer parcel delivery service.

The relocation industry, however, only involves removals including furniture from one residential addresses to the other. Occasionally, deliveries are executed also, but this is usually inside the domestic area.

Do a little research into existing markets to find any ample of opportunity with price quotes, services rendered and location in which you can take good opportunity of - especially when you understand the nature of service your hired man and van will undertake.

2. Look for the perfect van for the Job.

The kind of van you settle for says a lot about your business, therefore, use wisdom when settling for one. Typically, Luton vans are most widely used vans for domestic relocation in the removals industry. If you come to a point where you need to weigh in whether to buy a fairly used or a brand new vehicle, always remember it is better to buy than leasing.

Select the exact van choice based on the individuals you are aimed towards. Courier transportation industry solely depend on transit style vans while a regular van without a tail lift can also be used for household removals.

Get your business contact details printed on the body of your van, details like the name of your removal company, phone number, website, emails and logo. These serves as self promotion for your business and helps it to a good start.

3. Set up your site with complete details.

A major form of business advertisement is through your website which should be detailed and enable the convenience of your customers obtain all relevant information needed to book your services for the removal jobs.

Provide detailed information about your van and all the packages you can offer. Ensure your website accurately displays the times of operation, prices and time for each job. Embed visual images of your van employees and yourself to the company website to boost the customer's confidence for your business.

4. Give your customers competitive prices.

Services and packages with prices must be clearly described in your website for the customer to see and easily decide on what package to go for. Always offer competitive rates.

Prices and good value for money should not be less than those offered by more established brands so as to give your company a competitive advantage.

5. Ensure your website is well designed and easily navigated.

Put in much effort towards the ensuring that your company website (Godwins) stands out above the rest. There are several professional companies that can help you create the ideal website using whatever form of multimedia that you prefer.


Be patient when searching for a good web designer and with your assistance, create a viable website, able to generate traffic. Pay special care to elements like your navigation - which enables site visitors to browse around your website conveniently.

6. Advertise your website.

Once you have established the groundwork, it is time to go public. Get some flyers and business cards printed and distributed to the members of the public.

Excellent places to paste your flyers and business cards for your business to be noticed are locations like supermarkets, shop windows, train stations and furniture shops. Your man and van business (Godwins) can also be listed online for a minute fee.

7. Customer reviews are vital. Get customer reviews.

You can begin to build up trust and confidence with your potential customers by adding previous reviews and testimonials of your previous jobs on your website (Godwins). Customer reviews are a great ways to convince your potential customers as they look towards the experience of others, so, the more testimonials placed on your site, the better they convert.

Learn from negative reviews and post positive reviews on your site, correct the behaviours and issues customers did not like to enable you provide better services to other potential clients.

8. An online booking form must be on your website.

The online booking form offer a convenient means for customers to book your service even when they are at work. Not every customer have the opportunity to book using the phone service.

A schedule can also be added with online form to your website, which would enable your customers identify your availability.

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